Planning Meeting in Nashville

Patrick Murphy-Racey takes notes as Larry McCormack makes a point. Photo by Ron Londen

The Southwestern Photojournalism Conference organizing committee met on Friday, July 29 in Nashville, TN to continue our work on developing plans for the conference in 2018.

Those attending the committee gathering included:
Morris Abernathy
Sandy Abernathy
Bill Bangham
Diane Bangham
Bob Carey
Gary Fong
Ron Londen
Larry McCormack
Patrick Murphy-Racey
Kathleen Murray
Anacleto Rapping
Jeremy Scott
Sonya Singh
Carol Veneman
Jim Veneman

The meeting had several discussions ranging from location, facilities, how to handle meals, student conference, and schedule.

Sandy Abernathy, Ron Londen and Jim Veneman listen as Gary Fong shares thought via FaceTime. Photo by Bob Carey

We discussed how to best reorganize the conference and add some innovative pieces to increase attendance. The group looked at splitting the conference out a bit and making it possible for attendees to choose to come for one day or two days and still be affordable.

Bob Carey, Patrick Murphy-Racey, Larry McCormack and Bill Bangham listen to ideas during the SWPJC planning session. Photo by Ron Londen

Look for more detailed information in the coming weeks. We are excited about where things are currently heading and the new possibilities as we begin our 26th year.


Ron Londen takes a photo while Gary Fong and Kathleen Murray view each other on FaceTime with the planning session. Photo by Bob Carey

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